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The Board Game

VR game project at HTW Berlin
04/2018 to 09/2018 (22 weeks)
4th semester student project
6 team members
Developed with Unity3D and HTC VIVE

The Board Game is a VR puzzle game for explorer-type players that like puzzles and atmospheric game environments. With the only controller device being a wooden board with a HTC VIVE tracker attached, the player has to explore an old fairground booth and interact with his environment to solve all the hidden riddles.

Experience and learnings

Since this project has the biggest team size I‘ve worked with so far, I learned a lot about how to
communicate effectively and organize tasks in a big team.


I also learned much about how different the gaming experience in VR can be in comparison with other platforms, e. g. how many mechanics that are fun to the player on other platforms feel like work to the player in VR, or how to avoid motion sickness.

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