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2D mobile game project at HTW Berlin
05/2017 to 08/2017 (14 weeks)
2nd semester student project
3 team members
Developed with Unity3D

This puzzle game plays inside a museum that got completely mixed up - all items have the wrong color and don’t fit into their exhibition rooms. By shifting the rooms and moving the exhibits from room to room, the colors of rooms and
objects change.

The player has to find out the logic behind the color changes and match the colors of the rooms with the colors of the exhibits in them to win the game.
This was our first game project in a team in B.A. Game Design.

Experience and learnings

In this project, we extensively used JIRA for tasks and bugs. It was my first time using JIRA as a developer and it helped a lot with the organisation of the production process and with staying on
top of all important tasks.
Since it was also my very first game project, I learned a lot about the basics of game production in a team and how to adapt the development process
to deadlines.

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